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Our team is working to support local businesses and entrepreneures in their communities. It’s more than what we do, it’s what we believe.


Who We Are

DirectoryLogic.com is a site for entrepreneurs and small to medium sized business to create a listing that fits their unique occupations, professions or trades.  We offer a web based marketing platform for those who have creative enterprises such as speakers, designers, and artists, as well as those who have SOHO (single office/home office) businesses to advertise their services.

We strive to give our directory members a place that can be used to advertise their business in addition to using a social media page or directories for large businesses, such as LinkedIn. We are different simply because we focus on helping small to medium sized business get found.

Our members know that they are important to us. We are continually working to help improve their experience through offering various types of marketing blogs, advertising tips, and organizing information from others who are successful in their fields.

DirectoryLogic.com is a product of LeeLogic, Inc, founded in 2009.

Meet Lee Donald
CEO / President

Over the years I have searched for the best place to advertise various businesses for myself and for my clients.  I found many places on the web such as LinkedIn that serve larger businesses well, but when talking to small business clients with unique types of jobs, it became clear to me that they needed a place to stand out.  DirectoryLogic.com is that result.

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